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Conseil Scolaire Francophone de La Colombie-Britannique

Le Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique (CSF) s'engage à offrir des services éducatifs valorisant le plein épanouissement et l'identité culturelle des apprenants et apprenantes francophones de la Colombie- Britannique. Présentement en Colombie-Britannique, il n'y a qu'un seul programme public d'éducation entièrement francophone et son territoire s'étend de la région de Prince George et Terrace au Nord, à Nelson et Rossland en direction Est, à Victoria et Port Alberni dans l'île de Vancouver, vers l'Ouest, en incluant Revelstoke, Vancouver, Comox, Chilliwack et Whistler, pour ne nommer que ces régions parmi la centaine de communautés desservies par les 38 écoles du CSF.

Le Conseil scolaire offre des cours de la maternelle à la 12e année incluant divers services et programmes à la petite enfance et aux élèves plus âgés, dont le Baccalauréat International. Les 4 600 élèves du CSF ont tous accès à un ordinateur portable et enregistrent un taux de réussite scolaire équivalent ou supérieur à celui des élèves du programme anglophone de la Colombie Britannique.

British Columbia, BC

Siksika Board of Education

For over 30 years of existence, the Siksika Board of Education (SBE) has provided students with a unique educational experience based on the Alberta Program of Studies and Siksika Language and Culture.

The Siksika Board of Education is a provincially recognized K-12 First Nation school board situated in Siksika, Alberta.

Our mission is to inspire a lifelong love of learning with a focus on scholarship, diversity, and citizenship.

Siksika Nation historians, Elders and Knowledge Keepers, teachers and volunteers work together to educate our students in a variety of programs that accommodate all styles of learning.

In addition to following the Alberta Program of Studies, the SBE also incorporated the Siksika Language and Culture Program, which is an integral part of the learning experience at SBE.

Siksika, AB

Sun West School Division

The Kativik School Board, an Inuit-run school board, was created by the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement in 1975 to serve the people living in the 14 communities of Nunavik (Northern Quebec, north of the 55th parallel), and to empower the Inuit to take control over their own education.


The Board offers up to a maximum of three round-trips back per year for you and your dependents.


The Board assumes your moving costs and covers some additional expenses related to transit.


You will live in a house provided by the Board, which is furnished, heated and lit, for a rent of less than $230 per month.


You will receive a premium from $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 annually, based on the distance of the working place, and the number of dependents.

and more..

Montreal (ville st Laurent), QC

Featured International Employers

Harris Educational Consultants International

HARRIS EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL are Consultants to the Manitoba Affiliated schools in Guangzhou and Beijing, China, Cairo (6th of October City), Egypt and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Harris Educational Consultants International provide teacher recruitment services to a number of private and public schools in China, Egypt and Bangladesh as well as consulting services to those schools and to a variety of other clients in education and government. They also work with international clients to establish and manage new schools overseas. Harris Educational Consultants is a private organization.


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