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The Bishop Strachan School

On the first day of school in 1867, the founders of The Bishop Strachan School (BSS) opened their doors with the intention of educating girls and teaching them how to be leaders. It was a new idea in its day, but we believed that women were equals at a time when the concept was radical.

From that day to the present, we have watched our graduates set precedents and break new ground in whatever diverse path they have chosen to follow. We know that when a girl is given the opportunity to try anything in school, she is given the power to do anything in life.

Toronto, ON

University College of the North

University College of the North, formally established on July 1, 2004, is Manitoba's newest post-secondary education institution offering Trades, Adult Education, Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs. The University College of the North is an institution devoted to community and northern development and reflects the Aboriginal reality and cultural diversity of northern Manitoba.

The University College of the North will:

* Provide an integrated college and university approach to offer northern Manitoba greater access to the breadth of post-secondary education

* Provide post-secondary education and training fundamental to the social and economic development of northern Manitoba in a culturally sensitive and collaborative manner

* Provide the learner with community centered education and training characterized by a culture of openness, inclusiveness and tolerance and respectful of Aboriginal and northern values

The Pas, MB

Sun West School Division

Located in West-Central Saskatchewan, the Sun West School Division covers approximately 31,252 square kilometers. On its east side, the Division includes schools in Davidson and Kenaston. The Alberta border serves as the Division's limits on the west, with the South Saskatchewan River providing its most southerly border. The Division extends as far North as Landis and Biggar. The division office is located in Rosetown.

The School Division administers 41 schools; of these 13 are Kindergarten to Grade 12 schools, 6 are elementary schools, 1 middle school, 3 high schools and 17 are Hutterite Colony Schools. The Sun West Distance Learning Centre is located in Kenaston.

Sun West employs approximately 800 people including teachers, educational assistants, bus drivers, clerical staff, caretakers and library staff.

The School Division is governed on the basis of five guiding principles. These are: accountability, respect, cooperation, life-long learning and leadership.

Rosetown, SK

Featured International Employers

Harris Educational Consultants International

HARRIS EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL are Consultants to the Manitoba Affiliated schools in Guangzhou and Beijing, China, Cairo (6th of October City), Egypt and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Harris Educational Consultants International provide teacher recruitment services to a number of private and public schools in China, Egypt and Bangladesh as well as consulting services to those schools and to a variety of other clients in education and government. They also work with international clients to establish and manage new schools overseas. Harris Educational Consultants is a private organization.


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