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Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School

Aberdeen Hall is a non profit, co-educational and non-denominational independent university preparatory school offering classes from Preschool and Kindergarten to Grade 12. The campus currently has two buildings – a Junior Hall, (preschool to Grade 6) and a Senior Hall (Grade 7 to Grade 12). Construction commenced in July 2013 on our new Senior School, which will be completed in Fall 2014.

Sports facilities include a new Athletics Centre with tennis, volleyball and basketball courts as well as sports fields. The facility is comprised of special programme amenities such as music and arts rooms, science and computer labs, as well as a library. Aberdeen Hall fosters academic excellence in a progressive school environment which is safe and caring. Our school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities and supports a strong sense of community. Aberdeen Hall is located on 19 acres of land adjacent to the University of British Columbia – Okanagan Campus.

Kelowna, BC

Northwest School Division #203

Established in January of 2006, the Northwest School Division has 24 schools in 17 communities across Saskatchewan's mid-west.

Our 5000 students are the focus of the Board of Education's vision of "One Student at a Time" – stressing the personal touch of this large school division. If this atmosphere is for you, consider joining our team!

Our communities are located in an area of Saskatchewan that is experiencing strong economic growth, which is generating new housing starts in many communities. Area lakes provide a variety of year-round outdoor recreational opportunities.

Meadow Lake, SK

North Spirit Lake Education Authority

The North Spirit Lake Education Authority is located approximately 110 air miles north of Red Lake, Ontario. We are a fly-in, remote, Oji-Cree community. Our elementary education programming is delivered to approximately 65 students annually between K4-8, at Victoria Linklater Memorial School. We employ a full time teaching staff between 4 and 6 teachers.

North Spirit Lake First Nation, ON

Featured International Employers

New Horizon Canadian International School

NHCS is a newly pre-certified BC Offshore School that will be operating in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The school will be starting small and growing with quality in mind as we try to build as strong of a school and program as we can. We have an amazing ownership group that is dedicated to building a unique program.


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