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Prairie Land Regional Division No. 25

One of the largest school jurisdictions in Alberta, Prairie Land encompasses approximately 6,000 square miles in the East-Central region of the province. The Prairie Land school jurisdiction is sparsely populated and located a considerable distance from major urban centres.

Although geographically very large, the jurisdiction serves just under 1870 students in grades one to twelve, as well as approximately 120 kindergarten students. The economic base in the region is historically agricultural, although in recent years there have been increasing levels of energy related development.

Hanna, AB

North Caribou Lake Education Authority

Weagamow, also known as Round Lake, is a native community located in northern Ontario, 532 kilometres northwest of Thunder Bay. According to a recent Band list, there are 655 Band members, with the total population being 748 persons.

The native people are known as Ojijakoos, or Little Cranes, and the band is titled the North Caribou Lake Band. Oji-Cree is the principle language spoken. The community is accessible year round by air, and during some winter months by an ice road network.

Weagamow Lake,ON

Peace River South School District No. 59

Peace River South - The Peace River South District (#59) lies in a triangle that is bounded to the north by the Peace River, the Rocky Mountains to the south & west, and the Alberta-B.C. border to the east. Spread out over thousands of kilometres of prairie type terrain and foothills,

This region features one of the richest grain and cattle producing districts in the province. A perfect four seasons region makes this a great place for any family to settle into.

Dawson Creek,BC

Featured International Employers

Sunway International School in Malaysia (SIS)

Sunway International Schools (SIS) have a strong presence in Malaysia. Located just outside Kuala Lumpur (KL), SIS Sunway City is an ultra-modern school offering the Ontario (Canada) curriculum for gr 7-12 and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) in gr 11-12.

Three years ago Sunway opened a JK to grade 12 school in the new community of Iskandar, on the Malaysian border with Singapore. SIS Iskandar offers a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 program, with JK-gr 10 based on the Ontario curriculum, and gr 11-12 offering the IBDP.

Selango, Malaysia

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