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Calgary Board of Education

CBE teachers of students with diverse learning needs have access to supports through professional learning communities and collaboration with multi-disciplinary team members, including strategists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and braille assistants. There are also opportunities for teachers to engage in professional growth, development and both formal and informal leadership roles.

The CBE offers several specialized supports and programming options for our students with special learning needs in the following areas:
· Blind and visually impaired
· Complex learning needs, including students requiring health and social emotional supports
· Deaf and hard of Hearing (DHH)
· Giftedness
· Learning Disabilities
· Mental Health and Wellness

Most CBE students with complex learning needs are successful in their community school classroom with the implementation of personalized supports. For students who require more comprehensive support, CBE provides specialized classes and intensive treatment-based schools designed to support students with significant and complex learning, physical, social emotional and health needs. It is for these programs and educational settings that we are recruiting.

Calgary, AB

Sun West School Division

Located in West-Central Saskatchewan, the Sun West School Division covers approximately 31,252 square kilometers. On its east side, the Division includes schools in Davidson and Kenaston. The Alberta border serves as the Division's limits on the west, with the South Saskatchewan River providing its most southerly border. The Division extends as far North as Landis and Biggar. The division office is located in Rosetown.

The School Division administers 41 schools; of these 13 are Kindergarten to Grade 12 schools, 6 are elementary schools, 1 middle school, 3 high schools and 17 are Hutterite Colony Schools. The Sun West Distance Learning Centre is located in Kenaston.

Sun West employs approximately 800 people including teachers, educational assistants, bus drivers, clerical staff, caretakers and library staff.

The School Division is governed on the basis of five guiding principles. These are: accountability, respect, cooperation, life-long learning and leadership.

Rosetown, SK

Mitchikanibikok Inik (Algonquins of Barriere Lake School)

We call ourselves Mitchikanibikok Inik, or in English, Algonquins of Barriere Lake. Our First Nation is one of ten Algonquin First Nations inhabiting the Ottawa River watershed along the border between the provinces of Quebec and Ontario approximately 3 hours drive north of Ottawa. We take our name-" Mitchikanibikok Inik", meaning "the people of the stone fence or stone fish weir"-from our former rendezvous place of Barriere Lake at the headwaters of the Ottawa River. As Barriere Lake people, we speak a distinct local sub-dialect of Algonquin, the Easternmost and most divergent dialect of the Algonquian language family. The historic culture and ecology of our First Nation identifies us as a Northern people, sharing many "boreal" customs with other Northern peoples.

Resource industries and businesses, settler governments and their institutions and a rapidly growing population have squeezed our First Nation into an ever more limited world of options for adapting to change. By the late 1980's the combined effect of clear-cut logging, flooding and fluctuating water levels from the operation of dams and reservoirs within our territory, and the depletion of fish and game by sports users, caused us to organize a peaceful campaign of protests and blockades against logging. After a great deal of pressure, the governments of Canada and Quebec responded by agreeing to sign the Trilateral Agreement which provides for Algonquin input in resource management decisions within our traditional territory.

Rapid Lake, QC

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Majestic BC International School

Majestic BC International School is opening its doors in a brand new facility in September of 2017. The school offers the BC curriculum to Chinese students in grades 9 - 12. Students at the school will graduate with a BC Dogwood diploma and will then apply to universities in English speaking jurisdictions. The school offers excellent working conditions for teachers in a modern, well-equipped facility. Wages and benefits are more than competitive.

Foshan, China

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