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Muscowpetung Education Centre

Our school maintains a philosophy of inclusion, with the goal of full-time integration of any child, who may not be experiencing 100% involvement in their regular classroom. Our mission is to provide children with guidance and support in making positive choices not only within the context and setting of the school, but also within the greater community. Our students are encouraged to develop increased self-awareness and self-monitoring skills. Children are encouraged to use the Zones of Regulation. Students will have the ability to gain self-control, as this is a choice as opposed to losing self-control. All are accountable for their actions. This program revolves around the idea that everything we do is self-regulating.

We view parents and families as essential partners in the education of our students. We encourage our parents to be involved in classroom and school activities. Working together, we can develop a school where we all feel safe and valued, growing together in an atmosphere of support and mutual respect.

Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

Vancouver Waldorf School

At the Vancouver Waldorf School, students learn from an early age to engage in their own learning process. The imaginative play and grace of the Kindergarten years evolves into an experience of meeting the beauty and complexity of the world with sensitivity and hope. This foundation leads to a rich academic high school experience that supports young men and women in realizing their full potential as students, as people, as members of the human community.

In addition to imparting knowledge, the schools intention is to foster in children a sense of reverence and respect for life. The close relationships between students and teachers enhance learning and the ability to explore new interests and take on new challenges. Students are engaged in a learning experience both artistic and academically challenging.

North Vancouver, BC

Peace Wapiti School Division No. 76

The Peace Wapiti School Division is comprised of the former Spirit River School Division No. 47, the schools of the County of Grande Prairie No.1, the former Grovedale School District #4910 and the Ridgevalley area.

Our school system serves approximately 6,000 students located in 26 schools spread over an area of 30,000 square kilometers in northwestern Alberta. Our jurisdiction extends from Sturgeon Heights in the east to the British Columbia border in the west. It stretches from south of the Wapiti River to the Peace River in the North. Some of our jurisdiction's schools are located in remote rural settings while others are located in the region's towns and villages. The Board's largest school, Harry Balfour, is located in the City of Grande Prairie, serving students from the immediate surrounding area.

Grande Prairie, AB

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Sunway International School in Malaysia

Sunway International School in Malaysia, is the only international school in Malaysia offering the Ontario (Canada) Secondary School curriculum from Grades 7 to 11.


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